GC platform offers

  •   Investing in startups
  •   Business development
  •   Creation of capital


Development programs of community enable to develop community distributors separately and entire community in general. Using our programs, each distributor is able to create initial capital and join GC (BAGC) investors or create the own business at the platform.

GC platform offers

Start. Development program, offers I business level to distributor.

Advanced. Development program, offers II and III business level to distributor.

Investor Star. Development program, offers IV business level to distributor.



Progressive mobile marketing is the unique development of SkillSoft professionals. It is based on symbiosis of the most effective marketing advantages such as stability, profitability, cyclical nature, residual approach.


Development programs provide remuneration in the form of bonuses. For inactive distributors: Profit Bonus, Standard Bonus, Back Bonus. For active distributors: Personal Bonus, Cell Bonus, Team Bonus, Proactive Bonus, Matching Bonus, Affiliate Bonus, Investor’s Profit, Community Bonus.


Successfulness of distributor shall be determined by its qualification. Qualification “Newcomer GC”- capital up to 10 000 PCM. Qualification “Specialist GC” - capital up to 10 000 PCM - 100 000 PCM. Qualification “Professional GC”- capital 100 000 PCM - 500 000 PCM. Qualification “Master GC”- capital 500 000 PCM.