• We are ready to help you get millions of dollars with technical and commercial support for your business. No bank will give you that!

  •   Investing in startups
  •   Business development
  •   Creation of capital


Generic Community is the best platform for investment of companies and business. We will help to find appropriate investors for your business. We will present your offer in the best form for 135 venture funds and over 1000 organizations of angel investors. Your offer will be recognized by more than 40 000 accredited investors. Join us and get financing.

offer constructor - consulting from branch experts and system to create effective offer to investors.

Cmap TV – personal system for meetings and online presentations with investors.

project acceleration – opportunity to timely detect problematic issues of projects and get the necessary expert recommendations.

financing – getting funds from investors under the terms of share interest or loan agreement.

tools – system for establishment of distributor network and tools for automation of sales of goods or services using Internet.


We invest funds in our promising distributors, thereby creating capital for future investors or entrepreneurs. We prefer self-development using direct sales and recommendation system. Today we invest in strong people sharing our idea and tomorrow we will get the best startups and angel investors of GC worldwide.

Subscribe to the services

Subscribe to the services for distributors. After payment for subscription, enter back office and fill in the account profile. Get business place of I level.

filling profile

Subscribe for services of entrepreneurs. After payment of subscription, you enter back office, fill the profile account and pass the personal data verification.

giving a presentation

Prepare presentation, notify the investors filed applications. Hold a presentation.

questions and answers

Discuss the project, reply to the questions off investors. Agree format of cooperation.

closing the deal

Make a deal. Get financing or credit.

execution of the plan

Fulfil business plan, file the statements. Perform contractual obligations, distribute profit

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