Universal Crowdfunding Platform
  • Our community unites people and implements their dreams into reality.
  • Our platform establishes links between entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Our development programs provide the best knowledge and tools to create capital.
  • Our unique crowdinvesting system is your bridge from beginner to professional.
  •   Investing in startups
  •   Business development
  •   Creation of capital

Functional capabilities of the platform allow finding the like-minded in Internet quickly and creating the structured, manageable organization of many thousands. It is easy to build up business at GC platform!

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Coaching online system enables to increase qualification level in the directions of networking, business organizations and investment. Lessons from recognized leaders and successful businessmen raise the knowledge in the fields up to the level of professional.

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Development programs of community enable to develop community distributors separately and entire community in general. Using our programs, each distributor is able to create initial capital and join GC (BAGC) investors or create the own business at the platform.

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Uniting the potential of Angel Investors, branch experts and entrepreneurs at the platform, Generic Community helps to build up the long-term growing capitalized business.

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Online shop for purchase or sale of info products and digital goods of community members having copyright or the right for resale.

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For the purpose of capital integrity, the Generic Community members shall have an opportunity to open account in international bank and get MasterCard with full confidentiality of the personal data.

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1. Our crowdinvesting platform offers to investors the best investment tools and simple project management of scheme.
2. For entrepreneurs and companies needing financing the Generic Community platform is secure assistant in search
for investors and business acceleration.
3. For each distributor wishing to become professional investor or open the own business, Generic Community
shall create all conditions for implementation of potential.



GC crowdinvesting

New perspective solution for private capital satisfying requests of the modern financial model of the world.


Conception was created by experts for many years of practice in the field of private investing and creation of capital.


Our service resolves the main tasks of investors, entrepreneurs and а gives the opportunities for active and purposeful people.


We take care of our reputation and reputation of our community members. Reliability and security are the basis of common concept of the platform.


Using Progressive cellular marketing, we took care of the people striving to improve the life quality but being in complex financial condition.


We breach the law of no country. All transactions are carried out under strict control of our lawyer.



Business angel is a private investor, investing money in invocative projects (startups) on the stage of creation of enterprise or development, in exchange for return of contributions and share in the capital

Main activity of the company is the management of investment projects of managers, shareholders and partners. Investment consulting, audit and analytics of investment tools.

PCM are specific digital goods of Generic Community measuring tangible and intangible potential of community as a whole and each community member individually. PCM is used by members of community to exchange for goods and services offered at GC platform.

GC crowdinvesting is used in two forms of interaction between entrepreneurs and investors: Share crowdfunding and public crediting (Р2Р). Designed to create organizations of like-minded people and joint implementation of business projects.

BAGC (Business Angels of Generic Community) means international organization of private investors of GC. Organization includes community members with the capital from 500 000 PCM.

Development fund of BAGC means the international closed fund consisting of 10% of profit of GC business angels and is directed on support of Development Programs of GC and increase of the cost of PCM.


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  • otzyiv-1 April 8, 2015

    Strong leaders from around the world interested in developing GC, it is very stimulating and gives great hope.

    Nicholas Marlow
  • review1 April 3, 2015

    Hello! Really liked the concept of crowd-investing and marketing, everything is very thought out and logical!

    Luis Chandter
  • review2 April 2, 2015

    Get possibility to invest under the leadership of business angels, it is very meaningful gift. Do not even think to miss this opportunity

    Daniel Hamphrey
  • kathleen-bell April 11, 2015

    By means of the global network Internet, Progressive cellular marketing creates for you a reliable basis of the successful future!

    Kathleen Bell